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(3) Ways To Transition From Relaxed Hair to Natural Hair

Do you have a desire to grow out your relaxer and wear your own natural hair? If so, you are not alone. Many women feel the same way, but are unsure about how to accomplish this. Here are three ways to make the transition.

1.  The big chop. Sometimes it is easiest to make a change in life by just going for it. Many women simply cut off all of their relaxed hair and start over from scratch. If you decide to do this wait for some new growth (hair that hasn’t been processed by a relaxer) to grow in first. Then have someone professional cut your hair down to the new growth. Does this sound stressful? For some it is, and for some it isn’t. There are many women that look beautiful with short hair. Short hair gives you a chance to accentuate your other features. Wearing nice makeup, nice earrings, and keeping your hair neat and well moisturized will help make the change in your hairstyle less stressful. However, if you are not comfortable with the big chop, try one of these other ways.

2.  Wear braids. Having your hair professionally braided can help you adjust during the transition from relaxed hair to natural hair. If you choose this method be sure to have a professional do the braiding for you so that it looks neat, and make sure that the braids are not too tight. If you use synthetic hair, be sure to use a good quality hair that camouflages the two hair textures on your head. Braids that are too tight can cause hair breakage as well as traction alopecia, which is something you want to be sure to avoid.

3.  Use heat (sparingly). I’m not fond of using heat on relaxed hair, but for some people this isn’t a problem. If you are a person whose relaxed hair can take heat, then consider using a flat iron on your new growth to blend the new hair in with the relaxed hair. Just don’t overdo it with the heat, be sure to keep the temperature moderate - because too much heat will destroy the texture of your natural hair.

Island Design - Styles & Instructions

Island Design - Styles & Instructions

Island Design - Styles & Instructions

Island Design - Styles & Instructions

Island Design - Styles & Instructions

Island Design - Styles & Instructions

Starting Locks
When Starting Locks

1.  Locks are started with coils or two strand twists for hard to lock clients

2.  Always wash your locks (although the thought for some is you should not wash your locks that is a misconception – ALWAYS WASH YOUR LOCKS! But in the beginning don’t get your locks wet if you’re not getting them washed).

3.  Two (2) to three (3) months later your locks will start the beginning phase, the budding stage. At this stage when washed the locks will not come out, but please wash with care.

4.  Please keep locks clean and free from lint at the back rows In the middle of your locks, you will start to see the buds (it will appear big in the middle but the ends will still be coiled.

5.  Four (4) to six (6) months your hair should be locked but with the top of your locks not locked yet. The top of your locks will lock the more you maintain them

6.  Everyone’s hair is different LOVE THE STAGE YOU ARE IN because before you know it, your hair will take off growing!!!!! Island Design - Styles & Instructions

7.  Keep feeling and touching your locks to become more familiar with your hair.

8.  Do not focus on other people’s locks. Your hair is one of a kind, LOVE WHAT GOD GAVE YOU!!!!!!

9.  Locks need to be maintained by a Locktitian every two to three weeks.

10.  Always wash your locks
Some locks are unable to handle intense washing, so wash delicately.
After wash, use light oil
After washing your locks check for lint and dirt build up.

11.  Each night sleep with a durag, silk scarf or satin cap.

This is very important in maintaining your locks between visits to your stylist. In the morning your locks may appear flat, just run your hands through them.

Lock Maintenance

1.  Keep locks clean *Wash every three (3) weeksIsland Design - Styles & Instructions

2.  Taliah Waajid’s Black Earth Products are a great line of natural hair products.

3.  Maintain locks on a regular basis

4.  Ask questions when you don’t know

5.  Seek a Locktitian when coloring your locks

6.  Do not use black gel, use only natural hair gel

7.  Each night sleep with a durag or silk scarf. Satin caps are for more mature locks.

  • This is very important in maintaining your locks between visits to your stylist.
  • In the morning your locks may appear flat, just run your hands through them and make sure they are not clinging to each other.
  • After washing and maintenance, make sure your locks are dry and feel very light.


1.  Wash your hair before getting braids as you should always have clean hair an scalp when braiding your hair.Island Design - Styles & Instructions

  • Recommend washing your hair one (1) to two (2) days before braiding.

2.  I do not recommend washing your hair with braids in as it causes braids to loosen.

  • Taliah Waajid’s Black Earth Products has a natural herbal cleansing spray to clean your braids

3.  When braiding your hair be careful not to braid your edges to small as it may cause breakage.

4.  When removing braids, comb through with wide tooth comb, especially before washing. You can use Black Earth Products Bodifier Spray when removing braids.

5.  Always give yourself a hot oil treatment and deep conditioner after braid removal.

6.  Give your hair a rest after braiding your hair two (2) to three (3) times in a row.

Carmelux Treatment

Island Design™ Natural Hair Salon uses ETAE all natural products, the Carmelux™ treatment for natural hair client that want straight, (perm) look without Ceramal. Carmelux™ is a deep constructing conditioning hair treatment (for all hair type). Camerlux™ is more than just a conditioner it’s a all natural deep penetrating Hair treatment. Enriched with fruit and whole some ingredients containing vitamins and minerals. Carmelux™ has the ability to trans form and restore life to normal or severely damaged hair.